Gas Compression

…if required, Gas Compression optimization studies:  …for selecting compressor types + service reliability + MTBF + sparing + total installed costs + operating costs for your specific gas + your gas flow-rate range

…e.g. compression systems designed + installed by H2W:

  • single (1) 24,000-HP synchronous electric-motor driven EMD barrel-type centrifugal Inlet Gas compressor …c/w reactor-capacitor synchronous electric motor starting system
  • single (1) 12,000-HP synchronous electric-motor driven EMD barrel-type centrifugal Residue Gas compressor …c/w across-the-line synchronous electric motor starting system …pictured @ right
  • pair (2) 11,000-HP synchronous electric-motor driven EMD bull-gear type centrifugal Inlet Gas compressors …c/w capacitor type synchronous electric motor starting system
  • oil-free screw compressors …for sour gas vapor recovery systems
  • oil-flooded screw compressors …for mechanical refrigeration systems …c/w motor “soft starts”
  • lube + non-lube reciprocating compressors …for inlet gas + residue gas + vapor recovery …both with + without motor VFD’s
  • high-speed  in-line centrifugal compressors …for dehydration regeneration gas
  • blowers …for forced-draft  fired heaters + air-assisted flares

  • new 138KV (2) x 25MVA Xfmrs. sub-station + shop-built Power Distribution Center PDC …to power compressors + Plant
  • new electric Compressor Station  … (1) x 24,000-HP + (1) x 12,000-HP synchronous EMD centrifugal compressors …for Inlet Gas + Residue Gas service respectively

  • new Reactor-Capacitor electric motor Starting system …to start (1) x 24,000-HP synchronous EMD centrifugal compressor


  • six (6) new shop-built reciprocating compressor skids c/w 5,000-HP EMD’s + VFD’s …deployed in Inlet Gas + Residue Gas services
  • outside view of new compressor building housing six (6) new reciprocating compressors  … c/w inter-connect piping to / from elevated air-cooler structure that minimizes foot-print required


…detail process design …to 3-D model

…to operating Compressor Station …for NGL recovery