NGL Fractionation + A/G Product Storage

new ISBL NGL recovery plant for “high” C3 recovery … c/w DeC2 tower

  • existing NGL fractionation upgrade …to “double” frac thru-put / capacity
  • upgrade existing DeC3 tower …re-tray with high-capacity trays
  • new DeC4 tower …with high-capacity trays
  • upgrade existing De-iC4 tower …re-tray with high-capacity trays
  • upgrade air-cooled over-head condensers …to maximize frac capacity
  • new electronic control system …for all the above
  • all upgrades implemented safely …inside plant operating  24/7 …with minimum  shut-down  duration

  • upgrade process heat system …add new ~30MMBtu/hr. fired-heater + hot oil pumps
  • A/G product storage …add new NGL + nC4 + iC4 storage spheres